At the OTRI, we support researchers in their search for commercial channels for their research results and provide the necessary support to orientate research lines to the current needs of the market. If you are a researcher and find yourself in one of these situations, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We provide advice on strategy, promotion, visualisation, commercialisation, negotiation of licensing, assignment of patents, etc./

Transfire-UDC Programme/

Transfire-UDC is a programme created by the OTRI to identify and showcase the research results obtained by researchers at the UDC regardless of the area of knowledge and field of application of the result.


This support programme aims to:

  1. Identify research results from the research community.
  2. Showcase knowledge (as well as results that are in the early stages of development).
  3. Resolve any uncertainty about transfer possibilities.
  4. Provide support, resources and personalised advice on key aspects of the development process and transfer to society.