Here at the OTRI, we are convinced that the generation of knowledge and its transferability are fundamental for the development of society. We strongly believe in the potential of the knowledge triangle (Research & Technology/Higher Education/Industry & Business) to drive competitiveness.


We work to bring the research results produced at the UDC closer to society and the business sector. We have more than thirty years of experience transferring knowledge. We have a qualified technical team that is immersed in the business sector and is ready to accompany you in your relationship with the UDC.


There is a wide range of instruments that facilitate collaborations with the UDC and the OTRI can advise you on the most suitable format for your specific case.


  • Because the UDC is a knowledge centre and a first-class socio-economic coordinator.
  • Because the UDC is a driver of innovation and competitiveness.
  • Because research that is carried out at the UDC is adapted to the needs of your company.
  • Because this research addresses all fields of knowledge.
  • Because the UDC has infrastructures, advanced resources and advanced capacities for the development of analyses, trials and tests.
  • Because the UDC has advanced investigation centres that specialise in ICT, biomedical, biotechnological, environmental and materials, building and civil engineering and industrial and polytechnic areas.
  • Because the UDC has three interdisciplinary specialisation campuses dedicated to the fields of industry, innovation and sustainability.
  • Because the UDC has an advanced level of internationalisation and has an office specialised in attracting international financing.
  • Because the UDC understands your needs.


Annual contracts

Research agreements and contracts

Million euros

  • More than 300 annual contracts for the development of projects with companies and other entities.
  • More than 2,800 research agreements and contracts with industry and public bodies.
  • More than 70 million euros since 2006 as a result of the collaborations.
  • 12 spin-offs created.
  • More than 140 R&D projects in international competitive calls.
  • More than 20 million euros from international projects financed in recent years.
  • Research at the UDC has resolved problems and provided advanced needs for the business sector.
  • The UDC develops and attracts talent to meet companies’ demand for quality technical profiles.
  • The UDC contributes to the digitalisation and innovation of processes for organisations.
  • The UDC creates value for society.
  • The UDC generates impact in society and contributes to the improvement of your competitiveness.


  • In commissioning scientific, technical or artistic work, as well as the development of specialised teaching or specific training activities.
  • In participating in public calls for the financing of joint research projects.
  • In providing you with research results for their exploitation through licensing agreements for technologies produced at the UDC.
  • In designing a research project with you according to your needs.
  • In offering opportunities to finance research projects that suit your interests.
  • In contributing to the materialisation of the execution of your company’s CSR strategy.
  • In contributing to your internationalisation through your participation in European and global projects.
  • In carrying out your product’s trials, tests and validation processes with the latest equipment in our facilities and laboratories.
  • In securing investment opportunities in the companies created at the University of A Coruña.
  • In creating a dedicated Business Chair or Classroom in a subject area of your interest, bearing the name of your company.


In the OTRI we want to get to know you. Let us know your needs and we will find the ideal format for your future collaboration with the UDC.