Spin-offs partly owned by the UDC


Appentra’s mission is to provide quality software tools that allow for the extensive use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in all areas of engineering, science and industry. The target clients for Appentra are businesses and organisations that frequently update their computationally intensive applications in aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, biomedical and chemical markets, among others.

The development of HPC applications requires skills and knowledge that go way beyond the techniques, methods and tools used in the fields of engineering, science and the industry. Having skills in parallel programming and HPC techniques is absolutely necessary to be able to fully make the most of the computing power of modern multicore and manycore systems.

Apprentra’s software tools simplify multicore and manycore programming as they reduce the need for knowledge and skills related to parallel programming and HPC techniques, which increases productivity for its customers.

At Appentra, research and development are strategic values and innovation is the driver for providing new HPC software solutions that satisfy the needs and improve the productivity of its clients.


Manuel C. Arenaz Silva
María Rosa Vázquez Rogel


+ 34 881 015 556

Centro de Estimulación Cerebral de Galicia

In today’s society, where we are faced with multiple and urgent daily requirements in all areas of our lives, health and healthcare take on a special dimension. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety or chronic pain dramatically reduce a person’s quality of life and, in turn, have a devastating impact on the person’s ability to work and socialise.

Our business offers services in the medical field that are related to the use and development of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques and protocols to treat very prevalent neuro-psychiatric pathologies for which the usual procedures have not been successful or are not applicable. We also offer advice and consulting services in this field.

Francisco Javier Cudeiro Mazaira


Ius Publicum Innovatio

Ius Publicum Innovatio (IPI) is a spin-off dedicated to offering strategic studies and analysis services focused on the correct administration and regulation of public law.


Jaime Rodríguez-Arana Muñoz
Almudena Fernández Carballal
Juan Raposo Arceo
Jorge Buján Garrido




+34 639 137 422

+34 981 167 000

Manufactura de Ingenios Tecnológicos

Design, development and creation of autonomous devices and IT-intensive robotic platforms.


Richard Duro Fernández
Fernando López Peña
Francisco Bellas Bouzas
Álvaro Deibe Díaz
Abraham Prieto García
Arsenio Iglesias Vázquez



Nerxus Quality Solutions

Nerxus Quality Solutions is a spin-off business founded in 2015 and partly owned by the University of A Coruña that develops statistical methodologies for the quality control of installations in buildings, within the framework of Industry 4.0. It is currently focusing its activities on the use of efficient energy in commercial, public and industrial spaces and is developing statistical procedures for the detection of anomalies, the identification of their assignable causes for process improvement, prediction, modelling and dependency analysis for implementation in automated installations. In this way, Nerxus Quality Solutions provides tools for the automatic supervision of installations, preventive maintenance and intelligent decision-making with specific objectives: energy savings, the guarantee of efficiency in installations and the automation of energy reports, among others.


Salvador Naya Fernández
María Sonia Zaragoza Fernández
Jorge José López Beceiro
Javier Tarrío Saavedra
Ana Álvarez García



+34 881 013 238

Peloides Termales

Peloides Termales is a business with a basis in technology that was created by the research group from the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Vigo, in collaboration with the Department of Medicine of the University of A Coruña.

The business specialises in providing consultancy services on the production, use and properties of tailor-made peloids, both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, with a focus on providing services to the thermal sector.

Peloides Termales is focused on health and wellness tourism and specifically serves as a supplier of services and products for spas and thalassotherapy centres.


  • Consultancy services on the production, use and properties of tailor-made peloids, both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes
  • The design of peloid products using the specifications and characteristics of the waters and other thermal derivatives of each client
  • The production of standard products for all types of health and wellness centres


José Luis Legido
Lourdes Mourelle
Rosa Meijide
Carmen Gómez
Margarita García
Perfecta Salgado


+34 668 85 97 17
+34 986 120 466

Phycosem Marine Agronomy

Seaweed seed production


Javier Cremades Ugarte
Rodolfo Barreiro Lozano
Alexandra Muiños Mirás
Antón Muiños Mirás


Sedaqua - Humigal Sistemas Ecológicos de Depuración de Aguas

In recent years and due to the phenomenon that is climate change, energy saving and efficient and environmentally friendly systems have been promoted.

Sedaqua was born from this context and presents water purification treatments through the use of artificial wetlands for small towns and industries. The idea came as a response to the experiments carried out by the Environmental Chemical Engineering Research Group of the University of A Coruña.


Manuel Soto Castiñeira
David De la Varga Calvo
Marcos Antonio Vázquez Trillo



Terravanza, Gabinete de Estudios Territoriales Avanzados

Terravanza is a spin-off that arose from the University of A Coruña.

This team’s idea was to monitor municipal infrastructures in detail and with constant updating through the use of static and dynamic sensors and also to combine the results obtained with different databases, in order to achieve a complete and real-time vision of the infrastructures with the purpose of facilitating management, maintenance and decision-making in the local sphere. In general, within the framework of the services offered, there are two basic types: those in which there is an intensive application of technology, mainly through sensors, with the purpose of collecting wider and more reliable data; and those in which there is less technological application and which are generally not associated with data collection through sensors.

We are dedicated to offering technical advice, auditing and consultancy in the fields of engineering, planning, city planning and the environment, applying innovative solutions.

We also provide related services such as diagnosis, support, maintenance, installation, integration of supply, operation, evaluation, optimisation, administration, management, training, education, dissemination, research, innovation and development, as well as data processing.

Terravanza was recently awarded the status of Technology-Based Employment Initiative by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government).


Carlos Nárdiz Ortíz
Rubén Nieto Seijas
Gael Sánchez Rivas
Pablo Regueira Pacín
Adolfo Fernández Seijo


+34 881 015 758

Torus Software Solutions

Torus Software Solutions is a business specialising in ultra-fast communications software solutions and provides application acceleration in performance-critical environments, particularly in the financial, telecommunications and energy fields. Torus is a Technology-Based Company (TBC) and was recognised as such by the University of A Coruña in March 2013. It is partly owned by the UDC, the Barrié Foundation and also by researchers from the Computer Architecture Group at the UDC. The business arose as a result of the research carried out by the developers in the field of high-performance communications, the wide support given by the OTRI at the UDC and the financing received by the Barrié Foundation through the Science Investment Fund; a mechanism created to help the development and commercialisation of technologies generated in Galician universities and research centres.
Torus is firmly committed to R&D and its application in the most competitive sectors as well as the commercial optimisation of disruptive technologies by transforming them into unique products. Torus is committed to the social and economic progress of Galicia and is building bridges between the academic and business spheres, regarding which it collaborates intensively with the OTRI at the University of A Coruña and the CITIC.

Java Fast Sockets


Ramón Doallo Biempica
Juan Touriño Domínguez
Guillermo López Taboada


+34 657 662 998



We want to transform the world of e-commerce by personalising its aesthetic content and adapting it to the preferences of each of our clients.

In the near future, we plan to apply our technology to other sectors, improving the purchasing experience of the consumer in all aspects of their day-to-day life.

We work to create a digital footprint personalised to each consumer, which allows us to offer them the products that best suit their tastes and preferences in each of their store visits, both online and in-store.

In this way, we maximise the purchasing opportunities and offer a more enjoyable and streamlined experience to our customers.

We are certain that, with the commitment and effort that our team invests into its projects, this personalised digital world is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

We are ready to become the international model in the application of Artificial Intelligence to the sphere of aesthetics. We are ready to design a digital world adapted to you and your tastes.


PhotoILike, Indestia’s first product, predicts the commercial appeal of each image through the use of an Artificial Intelligence software, allowing you to delete unwanted photos so that you and your ideal buyer are left with the best images.


Juan Jesús Romero Cardalda
Adrián Carballal Mato
Manuel Pérez García
Francisco Cedrón Santaeufemia
Luz Castro Pena
Nereida Rodríguez Fernández
Penousal Martins Machado


+34 653 240 644



Spin-offs partly owned by the UDC that have been sold off

Health [in] Code

Health in Code emerged as a result of the joint research carried out by the Institute of Health Sciences at the University of A Coruña and the Genomic Medicine Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela. After years of clinical and research experience in cardiology and genetics, the developers of this spin-off acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for the creation of a business that specialises in the molecular genetic diagnosis of heart diseases and in the interpretation of genetic results; which gives clinics the opportunity to perform individualised medicine with the support of genetic diagnosis.

Health in Code offers a wide range of molecular diagnostic services that have great prognostic and therapeutic importance in the field of inherited cardiomyopathies:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  • Left Ventricular Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy
  • Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
  • Brugada Syndrome
  • Long QT Syndrome


Lorenzo Monserrat Iglesias
Javier Muñíz García
Alfonso Castro Beiras
Manuel Hermida Prieto


+34 881 600 003


Synteractive is an ICT business that offers visually advanced services for digital television that are independent of the set-top box and are defined by interactive synthetic video.


Víctor M. Gulías Fernández
Javier Taibo Pena
Miguel Barreiro Paz



Companies associated with the UDC

AllGenetics & Biology

Since AllGenetics was created in 2011, we have become the benchmark laboratory for genome research. We stand out for two reasons; firstly, due to our experience in the areas of massive sequencing and bioinformatics; secondly, thanks to our excellent relationship with our clients. As a result, year after year, research groups and businesses recommend us as their trusted genome laboratory.


Joaquín Vierna Fernández
Alejandra Perina Cedrón