Business Incubator at the University of A Coruña
Central Services of Research Building
Campus de Elviña, s/n 15071 A Coruña


The Incubator has 7 units, each with a surface area of 21 m2 and equipped with furniture, audio facilities and data connection.

Other facilities:
  • Meeting rooms
  • Assembly hall
  • Training rooms
  • Concierge’s office
  • Break area
  • Toilets


  • In developing the business plan
  • In establishing the company
  • In the search for financing
  • In business management
  • In the protection of innovation
  • In corporate and commercial transactions
Training and networking
  • Training in business management thanks to the collaboration with different entities
  • Promotion of inter-professional relations between the companies housed in the Incubator


  • Access to the internet and telephones
  • Reception of visitors and correspondence
  • Domiciliation of the company
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the building
  • Surveillance and security service