The Technology Transfer Office of the University of A Coruña is committed to quality in all aspects. With the aim of providing the best public service, the OTRI wants to establish effective communication channels that connect the services provided with the people who use them. Complaints, suggestions and compliments are intended to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the OTRI’s activities and increase the satisfaction of researchers, companies and institutions. 


The mailbox can be used by anyone, whether or not they are members of the University Community of the UDC. This mailbox does not collect the queries that users may make about any area of university activity outside the OTRI, and these must be processed through the different information or contact points of the UDC.


In order for a complaint, suggestion or compliment to be accepted, the identification details of the person or people submitting it must appear and must be sufficiently motivated.


The OTRI management will be responsible for the coordination and monitoring of the mailbox. The OTRI management assumes the commitment to, if possible, solving the complaint, incorporating the suggestion into the corresponding proceedings or communicating the compliments to the staff involved.