There are calls at both the national and European levels that allow international researchers to carry out their projects in entities such as the University of A Coruña. For this reason, the UDC wishes to extend its support programme for excellent science to all those individual projects applying to financing calls that represent a commitment to quality research and that may constitute a significant step forward in research.


Therefore, the UDC aims to support the presentation of proposals in different calls, as well as provide support in the subsequent development of the corresponding projects in its centres.

Some of the calls for proposals and project support/

Ramón y Cajal Programme

Juan de la Cierva Formación Programme

Beatriz Galindo Programme

María Zambrano Programme

Incoming and retaining talent Programme Xunta de Galicia

Talento Investigador Campus Industrial Ferrol

Junior Leader Fellowships Fundación La Caixa

Any other competitive financing programme related to Excellent Science is open to individual researchers interested in developing their proposals at the UDC