The UDC expressed its support for excellent science in a series of specific measures that include the BERCE Programme with the objective of promoting the presentation of successful ERC proposals by both researchers at the UDC as well as by scientists from all over the world who decide to develop their project at the UDC.

With the measures that follow below, the support given by the UDC is intended to start from the very beginning, that is, from the moment the researcher decides to apply to calls, continuing through the selection process and the development of the project within the institution.

Technical support for the development of the ERC proposal

Technical support for the development of the ERC proposal in any of its modalities. This includes advice on the most valued aspects of the ERC evaluation, technical review of the proposal, help with budget preparation, linguistic review, etc…

Dedicated space to carry out the project

Dedicated space to carry out the project will be provided, which will guarantee the researchers their research independence. In this regard, the UDC will facilitate laboratories in its technology centres as long as the research is related to its lines of action.

Agreement: access to Oportunius Programme

Access to the Oportunius Programme, which is promoted by GAIN of the Xunta de Galicia, is granted through the signing of a specific agreement between the UDC and GAIN, which will allow researchers to benefit from the conditions and advantages of the programme, which includes training and, above all, job stability through a contract as a “Distinguished Professor” that is reviewed every five years. For researchers at the UDC with a previous open-ended contract, Oportunius offers the possibility of additional financial resources for their research.

Negotiation of financial incentives during the ERC grant

Negotiation of financial incentives during the development of the ERC project to ensure that the total salary of the researcher is fully competitive and in line with the status and prestige associated with other beneficiaries of this type of project.

Access to the UDC's services

Access to all the services that UDC offers in terms of project management, agreements and contracts as well as the protection of industrial and intellectual property, publication services, the creation of a TBC, etc.

Programme flexibility and suggestions

This programme allows for the flexibility to negotiate the conditions outlined here or any other specific additional need that each researcher may have. The UDC is committed to reviewing the suggestions and proposals of ERC beneficiaries and, if possible, including them in the BERCE Programme.