berce: Welcome, Stabilisation and Bringing Back to Scientific Talent

berce is a UDC programme which includes a series of specific measures to give full support to researchers preparing an ERC grant. The support includes access to expert international consultants to help with the preparation of proposals.

Successful ERC grantees are offered a permanent position at the UDC.

Who is eligible for these grants?

Researchers of any nationality

Researchers who fulfil the requirements to apply for an ERC grant


UDC must be the Host institution of the project

Previous association with UDC is not necessary

Do you want to apply for an ERC grant with us this year?
NOW is the time to start!/

How will we do it?

The university opens a timeframe for signs of interest on behalf of researchers who want to apply for an ERC grant with the UDC

We promise to get in contact with you in less than 15 days

The priority deadline for presentations is before 20th April 2018

Registration Form

What specific measures does the berce program offer for applying to an ERC grant?

berce offers support in the preparation of applications from international consultants specialized in key aspects:

General review of the

Assistance with the financial proposals

Review and edition of

Any other specific need the project may have

Measures before and after the ERC grant

Competitive salary

Office space and private areas for research

Full access to all the UDC´s services

Job Stability as you will have access to a permanent job position


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